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Skin Evaluation and Personalized Treatment Plan

Discount Packages for Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation, & LED Light Therapy
10% off 4 treatments = $234 (save $26)
15% off 6 treatments = $331.50 (save 58.50)

Discount Packages for Glycolic Peels
10% off 4 treatments = $216 (save $24)
15% off 6 treatments = $306 (save $54)

Discount Packages for European Facials
10% off 4 facials = $216 (save $24)
15% off 6 facials = $306 (save $54)
Signature Package  $100 (save $100)
Sign up to get facials once a month and each month receive the 1-hr European Facial, Microdermabrasion OR Glycolic Peel, Ultrasound OR LED Light Therapy, and Brow Waxing.

Note:  Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Peels, Ultrasound, and LED Light Therapy Treatments are “progressive” procedures usually done in a series of six.  Regular maintenance visits and proper home maintenance will enhance long-term results.  Best results are seen when the above procedures are combined in one treatment.

Microdermabrasion   $65/treatment
After a thorough cleansing and toning, the skin is exfoliated through microdermabrasion.  This state-of-the-art system uses aluminum oxide crystals to remove damaged cells and stimulate new cell production.  Microdermabrasion softens wrinkles and fine lines; refines pores; reduces breakouts; improves skin tone and color; renews elasticity; eliminates or vastly improves hyperpigmented skin; and helps stimulate the growth of collagen.  Includes detoxifying facial and scalp massage.
Add treatment to neck = +$10
Add treatment to chest = +$15

Glycolic Peel   $60/treatment
Glycolic acid removes deep layers of dead skin and enhances skin's moisture retention.  Includes cleansing, fruit enzyme mask, and detoxifying facial and scalp massage.

Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation   $65/treatment
Fight the aging process.  Using ultrasonic wavelengths to achieve maximum penetration of products (anti-aging gels and serums) this treatment instantly hydrates skin on a deeper level, reduces age spots, softens the skin, adds firmness, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  Includes cleansing, fruit enzyme mask, and detoxifying facial and scalp massage.

LED Light Therapy   $65/treatment
This incredible approach to safe treatment utilizes the latest design and research using specific diode light wavelengths to promote the skin’s natural beauty.  Because the results commence from within the skin, the skin is more radiant, firmer, has improved moisture retention, and feels plump, and tight.  Increases lymphatic system drainage which detoxifies the skin tissue for the healthy look and feel of young skin.  Decreases age spots, fine lines due to sun damage, enlarged pores, and coarse skin.  Includes cleansing, fruit enzyme mask, and detoxifying facial and scalp massage.

Facials aid in proper blood circulation, provide stress release, and rid the skin of toxins and dead cells.  All 60-minute facials include cleansing; extractions (if needed); hot aromatherapy towels; heated mittens and booties; and detoxifying massage of the hands, feet, face, décolleté and scalp.  Certain to ease your mind and spirit! Contact us today for an appointment or free consultation.

Signature Facial - $100
A 75-minute facial.  A special package for those who choose a monthly skin care plan.  This package includes the following four treatments:  1) 1-hr European Facial; 2) Microdermabrasion OR Glycolic Peel; 3) Ultrasound OR LED Light Therapy; and 4) Brow Wax.

European Facial - $60
A 60-minute customized facial.  This luxurious and relaxing facial offers anti-stress and anti-aging treatments.  Pharmaceutical-grade products and aromatherapy oils are used throughout the facial to energize, nourish and firm the skin.  Suitable for all skin types.

European Facial Add-Ons 

  • Microdermabrasion  (+$25)
  • Glycolic Peel              (+$20)
  • Ultrasound                 (+$20)
  • LED Light Therapy    (+$20)

Four Layer Seaweed Facial - $75
A 60-minute facial.  A vitamin- and mineral-enriched seaweed facial for those who have overdone the sun. You'll see younger-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture, and an afterglow that lasts. 

Paraffin Facial - $65
A 60-minute facial.  This unique C-paraffin power facial is the most dynamic, potent, and inclusive Vitamin C treatment available. No other treatment drives the Vitamin C deeper into the skin.  Especially great for skin that is dehydrated. 

30-Minute Facial - $30
A 30-minute thorough skin cleansing treatment with extractions (if needed).  A detoxifying facial massage and skin-specific mask application leaves your skin radiant.

Teen/Deep-Cleansing Facial - $55
A 45-minute facial.  Treatment will be customized for client's skin.  Often the use of microdermabrasion, high-frequency, glycolic or salicylic solutions, and benzoyl peroxide is employed along with exfoliating enzymes, specific essential oils, and a treatment mask.  Includes extractions and deep pore cleansing. 

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial - $65
A 60-minute facial.  A power antioxidant treatment.  The combination of pumpkin, green tea, pineapple extract and honey makes this facial ideal for smokers, acne sufferers, those with sensitive skin, and others who need to stimulate circulation and promote healing.


Facial Waxing
We are proud to offer Nufree Nudesse 98.6™—the only anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hair removal system.

  • Eyebrows                $12 & up
  • Lip                            $10
  • Chin                         $15 & up
  • Cheeks                    $15 & up

Lash & Brow Tinting
For an "instant eye lift" have your brows and lashes professionally tinted with a color that suits you perfectly.

  • Lashes                       $17             
  • Brows                        $12
  • Lashes & Brows       $25

"Gaye has been my esthetician for 5 years and I am thrilled with what she has done for my skin. She definitely knows what she is doing."

"Gaye has been treating me for cystic acne for two months. The mircodermabrasion, glycolic peels, and high-frequency treatments have worked wonders for my skin."

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